Every success story has its beginning. Our personal success story already has more than 80 years of innovational experience and is working together for more than 20 years on all the projects of the INNOVATIONSWERKSTATT. 

We think one cannot only teach innovation without living innovation. This is the reason why all of us are entrepreneurs and businessman next to our work for the INNOVATIONSWERKSTATT. Everyone of us knows the daily challenges and difficulties running a own company. This makes it possibly for us to impart innovation and innovational knowledge to our clients very practically. Next to our work in business we share our science with the next generation. Wich means we all lecture Innovation Management at universities in Germany. Until today we are fascinated by innovation and deeply love what we do. We are looking forward to every chance to participate on something big an new together with our clients. 


Next to come

The countdown for our INNO-LEAGUE 18 has already started. The preparations are in full swing and we are very proud to announce our partners for this event:

VDMA Bayern, IHK, BLLV and Brückner Maschinenbau, Munich Business School

Are you interested? Get in touch with us! Looking forward to hear from us.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


The INNOVATIONSWERKSTATT is focused on giving advice and support to our customers and to accompany our customers on their exciting path into a bright and successful future. Innovation to us is not only a job, it still gives us great pleasure after so many years on the market.We think there is nothing more exciting than working on the future and help shaping the future. This is why we love our work so much. Day


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Creative thoughts can only arise in an location, where one can give their thoughts space for expansion. Therefor our new, extraordinary location, the Loft18, is located in an former, heritage-protected brewery. The Loft18 gives you space and place for creativity, inspires you and opens new perspectives. Curious? Just stop by and enjoy a cappuccino with us.



You just want to get in touch with innovation? No problem, just book one of our great 1-hour speeches und get inspired with innovation. Our coaches will raise your awareness for innovation and different angle of  vision.

1 DaY

Innovation is already an issue in you company but you don`t really know how to generate new ideas effectively? Then just come over for one day and get to know our thrilling innovational methods and creative techniques.

1 Week

To generate ideas is one thing. To make them haptically and construct a prototype is the other thing. Hello and welcome to our 1-week-programme. Come over with your team for 1 week and drive home after that holding your ideas in your hands. Sounds interesting? It definitely is! 

1 Month

The most difficult thing is to sell ideas in your own company and to initiate them. We help you with these themes. Within one month we are going to collect ideas, cluster the ideas, evaluate them together with you, develop the best ideas and implement them together with you. 

1 Year

To place an idea is not enough for you? But rather you want to establish a innovation division together with your most innovative and brilliant minds? Our 1-year program is an must have. We accompany you for a complete year and establish an innovation division with you.

Let´s  rumble


You would like to dip into innovation? Or you do have a need for innovation? We have several innovational seminars. Maybe we can awake your curiosity? Just contact us. We would love to get in touch and introduce you to our seminars.


Our INNO : FORUM captures the latest trends and ideas and invites you to discuss them with us. We are looking forward to creative and innovative input from you and to inspiring conversations with you.


An outstanding, honest and constructive conversation on equal terms is getting less and less often. It brings joy to see, wich results you can achieve within 48h when one decide instead of sliding responsibilities politically. Our INNO : DESIGN offers the perfect format for this.


Unser INNO : FORUM greift die neuesten Trends und Ideen auf und lädt Sie ein, mit uns rege zu diskutieren. Wir freuen uns auf kreativen und innovativen Input von Ihnen und auf angeregte Gespräche.


The 5th innovation is so to say the 5th quarter of a company. The topic of innovation is brought to life into your organization and generates a broad impact. The hypothesis that the 5th innovation can increase the innovational power of companies is going to be verified by a corollary study.  Let´s make your company getting ready for the 5th quarter. 

5th Innovation

This is your 4 weeks programme for your new employees. The longer employees are working for one company the more they adapt themselves to the entrepreneurial circumstances - in a positive and in a negative way. With INNO : FRESH we want to catch the impartial view and the fresh, uncolored ideas to use them for your company. 


Why is that?Warum eigentlich? Wir haben mal nachgefragt. Schauen Sie doch mal an, welche Antworten wir bekommen haben.